TaskItIn: Easy way to manage your time and productivity – hassle free.

Great for managing your time and productivity. Supports implementing David Allen's Getting Things Done™ methodology, but works also for other task management.

Action dependencies

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Professionally maintained and secure

Email integration and API

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Why TaskItIn (or Taskitin in Finnish)

TaskItIn (or Taskitin for the Finnish folk) is a hosted instance of the open source Tracks software. It is provided by the current principal maintainer of the open source project, and is professionally hosted by a Finnish company inside the EU, which makes for a high level of privacy and reliability.

Absolute security


The software is a feature-rich time and productivity management tool originally used to support the GTD™ methodology. It can, however, be used by anyone in need of a good time and productivity management tool.

  • Task dependencies (reveal a task only after completing the previous one)
  • Deadlines
  • Projects, contexts and tags for categorising tasks and finding the correct things to do
  • Statistics
  • Recurring todos
  • Calendar view and feeds
  • Powerful REST API for managing the data
  • Sailfish application
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